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Revitalizing Our Local Economy and Business District

The Wellman Chamber of Commerce Strategic Initiatives and Actions Steps below, outlines the initiatives that the Chamber has developed to provide leadership and direction for growing Wellman. The four initiatives highlighted in brown, green, blue, and gold, have been identified as priority initiatives that align with the data analysis we have undertaken that clearly show we must develop local economic development strategies for Wellman toward revitalizing our employer base and retail landscape. What we have developed is only a starting point for more fully organizing our community and economic development efforts.

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Strategic Initiatives for Growing Wellman

Sense of Place Branding Strategy - Wellman, Iowa

  • Branding: We are creating a Wellman Brand that differentiates Wellman from other neighboring communities and regional locations, particularly for the Retail/Visitor Market, which sets us apart as a place to visit, shop, and live; yet remains true to Wellman’s history and heritage.
  • Internal Marketing: Our efforts are to market this “brand identity” internally – to our community – in every thing we do; promoting the “Brand” in every piece of literature (brochures, publications, signage, advertizing) that is produced and published for or about Wellman. With the understanding that internal marketing and external marketing are linked.
  • Catalyst Project: In creating a sense of place for both local residents and visitors that is beyond the existing sense of place of Wellman, we are creating catalyst projects that attract locals and visitors to Wellman as a destination place. Community venues such as the Quad County Pork Festival which showcase Wellman’s amenities and quality of life, and promote our community as a family-oriented destination place to shop, grow a business, and live.

Retail Attraction Strategy - Wellman, Iowa

  • Leadership One Vision-Mission: We are developing a leadership group which shares, voices, and contributes to a consistent vision-mission for promoting Wellman and its attributes to execute “change” internally within our community and externally outside of our community; not just organizationally but attitudinally as well. We recognize that the fragmented efforts of the past must cease, and be replaced with a new sense of collaboration to develop a clear direction and focus for Wellman.
  • External Marketing: We are developing an external marketing package which aligns with and mirrors Wellman’s “sense of place branding” to leverage our community’s destination assets.
  • Professional Package: In creating an “external marketing” message, we are strategically wrapping it in a professional marketing package, and developing marketing platforms to promote Wellman to the larger regional area.
  • Destination Project: We are creating an integrated and unified visitor and business attraction effort which involves all venues. We seek to take advantage of Wellman’s unique location and recreation opportunities and package our community as a destination place. We are working to build on enhancing the visitor experience and increasing retail businesses by revitalizing the downtown business district and attracting visitors to the Parkside Activities Complex through multiple catalyst projects.

Business Development Strategy - Wellman, Iowa

  • Business Development: Business Development is a priority core service of the Chamber focused on small business incubation, business retention and expansion and fiber optic business initiatives. The focus of this initiative is to identify and recruit local business and industry leaders (and partner organizations) who can help advise on strategic approaches, outreach and knowledge of how to link resources/opportunities to businesses (connect dots for new business opportunities or existing businesses), to take advantage of Wellman’s fiber optic infrastructure.
  • Retail Attraction: To provide the leadership to unify and bring together all groups performing retail (visitor) attraction marketing, facilitate a common vision, goals, outcomes and strategic collaborative approach to creating a unique brand for Wellman and increase retail/visitor attraction.
  • Location Readiness: This initiative’s focus is on preparing Wellman to be “location-ready” by addressing the weaknesses identified in the “Where Are We Now Assessment” of the Chamber's Educational Primer to get Wellman “location ready” for new business investment and job growth.
  • Business Case for Industry Targets: This initiative focuses on developing a business case for potential industries to start-up or relocate a business within Wellman; targeting and recruiting these businesses consistent with the overall Strategic Initiatives outlined.
  • Niche Market: This initiative is focused on identifying specific businesses which are a “good fit” for Wellman and the downtown business district. Businesses which serve the taste and preferences of our community and draw visitors from other retail markets.

Special Projects Strategy - Wellman, Iowa

  • Existing Buildings: This initiative focuses on identifying and leveraging the potential development of existing buildings/properties within the downtown business district and how best to move these properties forward.
  • Business Attraction Team: This initiative is to establish a Business Development Team focused on small business incubation, business retention and expansion and local business initiatives, directed toward ensuring Wellman is “location ready” to compete for new business investment and creating a business case targeted to the specific industries that match Wellman’s attributes.

Strategic Initiatives Chart - Wellman, Iowa


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