Wellman Railroad Depot - circa 1903

What is Local-Motive?

Historically, Wellman's economic engine in the late 1800s was the railroad and the depot constructed in Wellman by the Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Northern Railway which eventually became part of the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad in 1903. The locomotive provided the power for all manner of goods and services for Wellman and its trade area during those early years. Today, the Chamber believes that Wellman's economy can once again be fueled by a locomotive - only this time it is a human Local-Motive - motivating the community to shop locally!

When Locals Buy Outside Our Community
Wellman is "leaking" approximately 6 to 7 million dollars annually in retail sales from our economy to other communities as a result of not shopping locally.

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There are many reasons for this trend with the most prominent being:
  • Over 94% of Wellman residents who work, work outside the City of Wellman and shop where they work
  • Wellman currently has not leveraged it's funding resources or economic development to recruit a major employer into our community to off-set the out-flow of workers
The Chamber's Local-Motive Initiative
Thatís why the Wellman Chamber of Commerce has launched the Local-Motive Initiative, an initiative dedicated to strengthening the local economy.

The Local-Motive Initiative is focused on educating our community on the need to build vibrant and sustainable economic platforms which leverage our local assets and amenities to revitalize our local economy and downtown business district.

The Local-Motive Initiative is just one of the many Strategic Initiatives of the Chamber for growing Wellman.

The main point is this; coming together as a community to buy locally is beneficial for consumers and businesses alike. When locals buy from locals, they know they are supporting the local economy and they are fueling the economic engine of Wellman!


Join the Chamber and the Local-Motive Train
If you have any questions about the Local-Motive Initiative, please contact us today!