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Where We Are Today and Why We Are Seeking Your Support and Membership

The Wellman Chamber of Commerce emerged in 2011 after having engaged in a year-long process of focus group meetings with business leaders, city officials, representatives of financial institutions and realtors, centered on improving the economic development of Wellman and the revitalization of our downtown business district.

During our Focus Group meetings and discussions, research data was developed to guide our efforts and the data clearly identifies the threats and challenges facing Wellman. This research data looks beyond Wellman’s traditional economy to highlight the challenges we must overcome and the opportunities we must create to change our economic and business landscape to meet the needs of our community.

When we first initiated this research in 2010 there was a sense that Wellman’s economy and business district were declining and not keeping pace with our resident population much less capturing our local trade area population. In this the research has proved our thoughts correct. In many ways the key message is that Wellman is “leaking” approximately 6 to 7 million dollars annually in retail sales from our economy to other communities.

The research data demonstrates that complacency is not an option for Wellman and that business and government must work together to ensure that we develop a vital and thriving business district and economy which serves our community.

The research data provides insight into the size and scope of the challenges that lie ahead. Wellman is not just facing a single competitor, but rather, the cumulative effect of several cities posing a threat in different areas. The data identifies a number of areas where Wellman must focus its attention to revitalize our local economy and business district. We believe that Wellman has much to offer as a community to live, work, and grow a business; but the research data clearly suggests that we need to work harder to grow Wellman and we must not underestimate the challenges that we face.


We are currently building a group of Chamber programs and events which are directed at revitalizing Wellman’s local economy and trade area; and, have launched the Chamber website to inform and educate our members, and our community, about these programs and events.

However, in order to undertake the challenges that confront Wellman and build a vital and thriving business district and economy which serves our community, the Chamber seeks your support through membership. Your membership is vital for building a strong voice for our business community, and programs for economic development.

We are asking you to become a member today to assist us with creating the ideal business and economic environment for Wellman. Your membership is critical to bring about the Strategic Initiatives and Action Steps we have developed to benefit your business and all of Wellman.

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When you join the Chamber, you are joining one of the strongest business associations for businesses. The businesses that form the membership are leaders who help strengthen the local business community through their support and participation.

Members, volunteer leaders and staff work together to create a successful business climate. The Chamber is governed by a 6 member Board of Directors. The Directors determine the overall policies and direction, and the Chamber's day-to-day matters are guided by the Executive Committee.


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